What is Homeopathy?

A safe, gentle, and natural system of healing with natural remedies that work with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health.


We provide various treatments alongside our Homeopathy treatment, to focus on various conditions and ailments.

Intolerance Testing

Our diets have a huge impact on our lives, and you may have an intolerance to specific foods which can affect your overall health, we work with you to find out what can be upsetting your balance.

Ear Candling

A soothing and relaxing treatment.  The movement and heat create a massage effect on the eardrum.  Impurities are drawn out and pressure relief in the head and sinuses is experienced.

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Adult new client 1 hour - £70
Child new client 1 hour - £55
Adult follow up 1 hour - £50
Child follow up ½ hour - £40
Child follow up 1⁄4 hour - £30
Acute symptoms 1⁄3 hour - £30
Allergy adult new client 2 hours - £90
Allergy adult follow up 1 hour - £60
Allergy child new client 1 ½ hours - £70
Allergy child follow up ½ hour - £50
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Adult new client 1-2 hour - £60
Child new client 1-2 hour - £45
Adult follow up 1 hour - £42
Child follow up ½ hour - £35
Ear candles 1 hour - £30
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