Can Mummy MOT Benefit You?

Finding time for treatment can be a struggle with juggling babies and school runs but did you know you can bring your baby to your treatment?

Alanza joined me for my LPG session and then my Mummy MOT

I had LPG on my legs, back, tummy, and C-section scar!
I noticed the fluid drainage effects were so good straight after, that my jeans slid straight over my hips without a wiggle from side to side! 

I then got my Mummy MOT with Michelle.

Symptoms I had been having;
👉a dragging sensation in my lower back near the coccyx.
👉aching in the morning
👉unable to lie on my back at night.
👉aching with prolonged bending like a nappy change.

But after intercourse, I noticed it would improve somewhat! 
So I felt a more specific internal release was what I needed! 

Michelle found tight muscles internally, especially at the entrance and deeper towards my left side.

After just 1 internal treatment my pelvis felt easier to move and the lower back ache had eased by 85%!!!
Now I can continue with my self release homework to continue the improvement!

I had a C section (twice) and I’ve shared this experience to show that due to pregnancy itself, your pelvic floor will have always been cleverly adapting to forces from above. So no matter the type of delivery you’ve had, the pelvic floor will always be involved and quite likely need some TLC! 

Who would have thought it could even contribute to lower back pain!