Sports Therapy

What is Sports Therapy Massage?

Sports massage and treatment is specifically geared towards the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Sports therapy is aimed to treat injuries that have been obtained or worsened through physical activity, whether that be strains on your back muscles, leg muscles or more.


We provide various treatments alongside our sports therapy, to focus on various conditions and ailments.


A deep tissue style massage is used to eliminate toxins, reduce any knots and increase blood flow allowing optimum recovery for your muscles.


Using deep heat on soft tissue, ultrasound therapy focuses on deep heating ligaments, tendons and muscles to ease circulation within the body.


With suction and negative pressure on the body, cupping therapy works to encourage blood flow and helps to loosen muscles.

Dry Needling

Assisted by a fine, sterile needle, dry needling focuses on decreasing pain by inserting the needle into the muscle directly, focusing on trigger points.

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Sports Therapist
Sports Therapy/Massage 1 hour £45
Sports Therapy/Massage 3⁄4 hour £35
Sports Therapy/Massage 1⁄2 hour £30
Sports Therapy/Massage Senior Citizen £35
1 hour Pregnancy Massage £45
Ultrasound Treatment 1⁄4 hour - £20
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