Why Mummy MOT?

Why would you want to win a Mummy MOT? Read a review from one of our lovely clients below on her treatment experience!

‘I suffered third degree tearing during the birth of my child nearly two years ago. I have been doing pelvic floor exercises on a very regular basis (using various devices – the latest one being the perifit). Despite the regularity of my exercises, I found I still needed pads for leaks (mainly bladder) and I had a sizeable ‘paunch’ around my belly region which I was unable to hold in. I had almost resigned myself to needing pads for life and getting used to looking at the paunch up until I had an appointment with Alex.


Alex talked me through where my vaginal/abdominal organs and muscles were (I had never known where my bladder is actually located!) and she found scar tissue which she worked on to loosen. She also showed me how breathing can increase the contraction of the muscle.

Following my internal examination, the difference it made was remarkable. I did my usual pelvic floor exercises and during the calibration stage of my perifit device, the strength of the contractions had already increased – having previously struggled to get up to 30g, I reached 89g and as I exercised daily, this constantly increased. The difference it made to my stomach was noticable immediately and as I continued my exercises, this also improved.


I am beyond grateful for the support of ANA Therapies. I would totally recommend the Women’s Health therapies to any female who is experiencing bladder and / or bowel control or incontinence.’